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Wild Game Processing, including deer/venison, antelope, elk, moose, buffalo, & bear

The LAST day we will take wild game meat before Christmas is Friday, December 9, 2022. After that, we have no room in the cooler or freezer, or time to make any more orders, due to our holiday rush. We will start TAKING wild game meat in again on JANUARY 3, 2023. It is best to keep your wild game meat FROZEN, and bring it in to us in January still FROZEN.

Per DNR regulations and Board of Health requirements, you MUST bring your tag NUMBER, and the person's name that the tag is in, with you. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

We specialize in custom made deer/venison summer sausage, deer/venison jerky / slim jims, deer/venison pan sausage (seasoned lightly for breakfast patties) & deer/venison burger (unseasoned), all from your own boneless wild game meat.  We can make any of those same items from your antelope, elk, moose, buffalo, or bear meat.  Options for both summer sausage and jerky / slim jims are: Regular or Spicy.  If you have a large enough quantity, you can get your meat divided into different items.  Because our stuffers hold hundreds of pounds, we require a 5 pound minimum on the jerky / slim jims.  The minimum for summer sausage is one roll (3 to 3 ½ pound rolls).  There is NO minimum for pan sausage and burger.     

We STOP taking in Wild Game meat again about 2 weeks before Christmas, and restart again after New Year's. Meat can be brought in fresh or frozen, ground or in boneless chunks. We do NOT butcher your animal. Your meat MUST be skinned & boned before we take it in, and you should trim the "silver" (lining) off, so that your meat is not too tough to chew. Also, please make sure the meat is as clean as possible by washing it carefully (to get the blood, hairs, and grass off), as you will be the one eating it. We take in so much wild game meat, we do not have the time to do this. Please bring meat in coolers or clean plastic trash bags. Please keep ice separate from the meat by putting one or the other in a bag. Ice sticks to the meat, and then we can not record the correct weight of your meat. We add 20 percent pork meat to your venison, as the meat is too lean and dry by itself. The price per pound for all items we make is based on the total weight, your meat plus the pork we add, so we get our money back for the pork meat that we put into it. If your meat is from a bear, elk, antelope, moose or other wild animal, please let us know that when you drop it off, as that may affect the percentage of pork meat we add. Certain animals have a higher fat percentage than others.

We are also able to smoke the loins / backstraps or the hams from the wild game (deer/venison, etc.).  If meat is only going to be smoked, you can leave the bone in those pieces. We have also smoked salmon, turkeys (wild & store-bought) and pheasants. Poultry MUST be plucked and cleaned before we can take it.

Please allow us 7 to 10 days on average to process your order.  This allows time for the smoking, the cool down, and the boxing of your order.  When you drop off your meat, we weigh it while you wait.  We then fill out a slip with your name, phone number, and what you want it made into.  We will calculate your total, and give you a piece of paper to take with.  That paper gives you the weight of the meat you brought in, the total cost, the ready date, and our store information, including hours that we are open and our phone number.  We do not require a deposit.  You pay in full when you pick up your meat.  We accept cash or IN-STATE checks, with a picture I.D., such as a driver's license.  ALSO, AS OF 06/26/2015, WE ACCEPT CREDIT (MC/VISA/DISCOVER/AMERICAN EXPRESS) AND DEBIT CARDS, BOTH WITH A 3% SERVICE CHARGE.  (I.E.  ON A $10.00 ORDER, YOU WOULD PAY 30 CENTS IN CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES).

As indicated on the home page of our website, we do not add preservatives to any of our meat, including wild game. When you get your meat home, you need to REFRIGERATE ALL MEAT. Once thawed, pan sausage & burger (since it's ground meat) are good for about 2 days in the fridge, and can NOT be refrozen, unless fully cooked first. Summer sausage and jerkly/slim jims (because they are fully cooked and smoked) will hold in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks. The longer it stays in the fridge, the drier it will get. If you will not be eating those items within 2 weeks, you need to store your meat in freezer paper or freezer safe bags, and put it in the FREEZER until ready to eat. Again, it is MEAT, and needs to be REFRIGERATED OR FROZEN.



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