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Our Custom Curing and Smoking services

For custom curing & smoking, you must bring us the meat, either store bought or wild game.  We weigh your meat when you bring it in to us, before it is smoked.  We will then tell you what your total cost will be, and when the meat will be ready for you to pick up.  The price is based on the weight of your meat; it is a per pound cost.  We have 2 walk-in smokehouses, so it is a real WOOD smoke. 

***PLEASE allow us approximately 7 to 10 days on average for the curing, smoking, & cool down process.

Some examples of meats we have experience in smoking:
–Salmon & other fish
–Turkeys (store bought)
–Venison or other wild game, typically the loins / backstraps and the hams
–Pheasants / small game birds

***NOTE: For smoking ONLY, the meat CAN have a bone in it.  Any other wild game we take in to make other things out of (summer sausage, jerky slim-jims, etc.) MUST be boneless. 


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