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Our Breads and Buns

  1. Amelia's Country Loaf NO SEEDS
    (from Amelia's Bakery in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN)
    Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, water, unbleached unbromated white flour, natural leaven, chopped rye berries, rye flour, sea salt.
  2. ½ loaf soft light Jewish rye – WITH carroway SEEDS, baked throughout the bread
  3. Coney sub buns – NO SEEDS, 6 in a package
    *** Usually have in store to sell starting the weekend before Easter until the end
    of October, but we can order them anytime during the year if we have your
    order by NOON, THREE days BEFORE you need to get them.
    *** For large orders, please give minimum 3 days advance notice.

1845 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203 · (317) 632-1963