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Ordering and Information

We are not able to do any shipping, as we do NOT add preservatives to our products. That is the reason most of our customers value our meats. We do not have the manpower to take any orders online, but we would be happy to take your call-in order at (317) 632-1963 during our regular retail hours of operation. We can then have your order ready when you come in so you don't have to wait. Upon request, we would also be happy to call you back with a total cost once your order is ready. We CAN take credit card payments over the phone. We have an answering machine on when our business is closed OR if we get too busy waiting on customers inside the store at the time, but the answering machine does NOT record messages.

A list of items that have minimal MSG, and a list of items with no nitrates in them, is available in store. We do have several items that are completely nitrate-free. The items with nitrates have a VERY small amount, a percentage of 6.25 % (0.0625), which is that fractional part out of 1 oz. of cure mix (so 0.0625 x 1 oz), mixed into 25 pounds of meat total. We do NOT add any MSG ourselves to any of our products, but we do use a spice mix that comes with minimal MSG already mixed into it when we get it, which is used in SOME of our products.

Items can be cut a certain thickness and packaged to your specifications. Steaks, pork chops and lunchmeats are NOT precut. That way, the items are fresher and can be cut to the thickness the individual customer desires.

Nothing we make is in cryvac. Everything is fresh bulk in our showcases (except for certain items kept in the freezer), and products are made fresh weekly.

NOTE: Not all items are in stock daily. If you want to make sure we have something in store before you make the trip, please feel free to call us.


1845 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203 · (317) 632-1963